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Enjoy the best educational games on your Android and iOS devices.

IQ Test Game

This app contains 14 games to train your mind. You can play the games freely or compete with your friends in the IQ TEST or SURVIVAL modes. You can also choose between three levels of difficulty.

This application is very useful for elderly people. Cognitive training is important to prevent or delay mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's.

Keep your mind active!

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STEAM & Robotics games for Kids

With this app children learn in a fun way. Without realizing it, they work on logic, art, music, coordinates, the laws of physics, mathematics, spatial vision... even programming!
Contains 8 educational games designed with the STEAM philosophy (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). Perfect for preschool and elementary school!

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Educational Games

Preschool Kids Games

Educational games for toddlers and preschoolers to learn in a fun way. Learn the alphabet, musical instruments, numbers, shapes, puzzles, paint and coloring... with a help button to adapt the difficulty.

Kids Game 5

12 educational games for kids: alphabet, memory, solve logical patterns, puzzle, paint, order by size, motor skills and spatial vision, logic and concentration...

Kids Educational Game 6

This fun application contains 12 games designed for kids (animals, maze, logic, puzzle, photo, numbers...). In English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Kids Educational Game 3

With these games children will learn: More than 100 words, the animals name and sound, numbers and letters, distinguish shapes, paint & colors, join the dots, motor skills and spatial vision...

Brain Games +

Recommended for children of all ages, mental and logic games such as: 4 online, Reversi (Othello), ,aze without light, tangram, mental speed, memory, concentration...

Board Games

With these fun board games you will enjoy with whole family, the game allows up to 4 players. Contains the following games: Snakes and Ladders, parchís (ludo), the game of goose, 3 in a row (Tic Tac Toe)

Educational Games 4

Educational and fun games for toddlers: puzzles, piano, paint, maze, emotions...

Brain Games

Enjoy 12 educational games to keep your mind active and have fun. Labyrinths, puzzles jigsaw, alphabet soup, games of wit, memory, mazes, visual acuity, spatial vision, minesweeper, sudoku, find objects ... and many more!

Kids Mazes

Use your wits to get the ball to the goal! Random levels, the game never ends. The game contains two play modes to move ball and getting it to the goal, with your finger or with the accelerometer.

3 to 5 years games

Perfect for preschoolers! 12 educational games for kids: memory, logic, puzzle, numbers, colors, paint...

Kids Games 7 years

This app contains 8 fun games to keep your mind active and have fun. Fly and dodge obstacles, jump, play hockey, make a tower, pinball, cars... Get the highest score!

Finger Soccer

Funny turn-based soccer game for kids. Choose one of the selections of the America's Cup or Euro Cup, choose one of the tactics available and start playing the game!